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Rich Dempsey, LPCC

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At Fairmount Mental Wellness we help children, teens, and families turn old stories into new ones. In the face of serious problems it is hard to believe that conversations can shape new realities, but they do.

A Playful Approach to Serious Problems

Problems tend to be grim. If problems could talk they'd shout "Take us seriously!" After all, serious problems demand to be taken this way, do they not? Weighty problems seem to have a knack for convincing parents it's time to quit playing around and get down to business. Such concerns are very understandable, but playful approaches should not be underestimated as a worthy challenge to serious problems.

Over time problems invite worry, despair, and hopelessness. Problematic stories have an advantage. Usually they have been around for a while. 


That's why families are first scheduled for a Wonderfulness Interview. We first want to understand what is wonderful about your family and your children because only then can we determine what the problem is up against.