What makes me different?

As a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, I’ve received specialized training in treating every person as a whole, including all of the important relationships in their life. Whether I’m working with a family or an individual, I focus on helping you create healthy, meaningful connections.

Easy Accessibility

24/7 Scheduling

You have likely been thinking of finding a counselor for several months or even years. It takes courage to finally reach out for help and I don’t want you to have to wait any longer than necessary. Most intake appointments can be scheduled within 2-3 days.

Playful Approaches to Serious Problems

At Fairmount Mental Wellness I take a playful approach to serious problems by engaging the imagination, humor, playfulness, and resourcefulness of children and and families.

Evening and Weekend Appointments Available

Wondering where you’ll find the time? I have your back. Busy families need evening and weekend availability. Because who want’s to skip soccer practice? No one. Am I right?