I help good kids get through a bad time.

You Googled 10 different phrases trying to find the right fit for you but quickly realized that there are 100+ therapists to choose from. As a parent, you’re looking for a therapist who gets it, who’s down to earth, and can help your child and family get through this difficult time in life.

My hope is that you will find exactly what you’re looking for here.

I try to make the process of therapy easy and convenient for busy families, with 24/7 online scheduling, an online client portal, and the ability to do online secure video based counseling through a secure platform.

Evening and weekend office based appointments are available.

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Why choose Fairmount Mental Wellness?


Video-based counseling

In addition to office visits I offer video-based counseling to children and families residing in the state of Ohio. Start making progress from the comfort of your home today.


24/7 Online Scheduling

I don’t want you to wait any longer than necessary once you make the choice to come in. Most intake appointments are scheduled within 2-3 days.


Saturday Appointments

I know family life is busy. That is why I keep evening and weekend hours available for my clients.


Therapeutic Letters

Therapeutic letters are a powerful tool for furthering your child or family’s progress in therapy. Such letters continue the conversation between meetings and serve to support children and families on the way to healing.


Sandtray Interventions

Sand tray therapy is a technique which can be used to facilitate healing in adults, adolescents, and children, allowing them to express their thoughts and feelings when words alone are not enough.


Upscale Atmosphere

Escape the hustle and bustle of your week and relax in a private upscale setting in the Cedar Fairmount District located in Cleveland Heights, OH

How Therapy Helps: 5 Benefits of Counseling For Young People


  • SYMPTOM REDUCTION: Lessen effects of anxiety, depression, and anger. 

  • INCREASED POSITIVE EMOTIONS: Build up kid’s happiness, esteem, and mood so they feel better. 

  • STABILIZE MOOD: Reduce mood swings, moodiness, and impulsive behavior. 


  • SELF ESTEEM: Increase teen’s self image, beliefs, and respect.

  • SELF CARE: Improve youth’s ability to implement sustainable healthy habits.

  • SOCIAL CONFIDENCE: Advance youth’s ability and willingness to navigate social relationships, initiate friendships, and handle rejection. 


  • Self Control: Empowering youth to take ownership and control for their beliefs, behavior, and well-being (aka, less blowups, tantrums, and shutdowns).

  • Reduce Blaming: Decreasing youth’s sense of helpless, whining, and complaining.

  • Effective Communication: Teaching kids effective ways to communicate and express emotions, wants, and needs. 


  • DESIRE FOR CHANGE: Internalizing individual’s willingness, readiness, and ability to change.

  • DIRECTION: Inspiring young people to take their future in their own hands through career/education aspiration, goal setting, and discovering their life’s purpose.

  • CARE AGAIN: Reinforcing youth’s desire to care about themselves and to serve others


  • COPING SKILLS: Increase the ability to manage mental, behavioral and emotional health; especially under stressful situations.

  • SOCIAL SKILLS: Grow and enhance social competence for communicating, reading body language, and taking risks.

  • STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS: Develop a solution oriented, problem solving approach to difficult family, school, and personal situations. 


  • SELF AWARENESS: Understand one’s personality, values, strengths interests, passions, and purpose.

  • AUTHENTICITY: Helping kids be real and teens find and be their true selves (decrease effects of negative peer pressure)

  • EMPATHY: First you have to know yourself before you can know and care about other people.

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